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TrueNewsBlog has investigated the murder of Haitian President Jovenel Moise and spoke to many people, including (JEAN LAGUEL CIVIL) the man in charge of coordinating President Jovenel Moïse security teams.

August 6, 2021

TrueNewsReport Investigation

By: Nathaniel E. Ballantyne

PORT-AU-PRINCE – During the post-earthquake presidential election of 2011 in Haiti, JEAN LAGUEL CIVIL threw his support behind JUDE CELESTIN, who was running for president against MICHEL MARTELLY. At the time, CIVIL had been working in the presidential palace as a member of the presidential security team in charge of supervising the tactical team. JUDE CELESTIN lost the election to MARTELLY, and everyone in the presidential palace security team suspected of supporting another candidate was fired. CIVIL found himself without a job. 


In 2015, President JOCELERME PRIVERT, who had replaced MICHEL MARTELLY rehired CIVIL as director of one of the four security teams. When CIVIL came back to his old job VLADIMIR PARAISON, who had been the chief security coordinator for MARTELLY, was still on the job. Almost instantly, there was bad blood between PHTK members of the presidential security team and those like CIVIL, who did not share the views of the legal bandit political party. CIVIL’s work as director was constantly being undermined by PARAISON. By the time JOVENEL MOISE reached the national palace, CIVIL had had it, he was ready to resign. Shortly after, JOVENEL took over as president, CIVIL submitted his resignation to the newly elected president.  Instead of accepting CIVIL’s resignation, President MOISE fired PARAISON and promoted CIVIL to chief coordinator of the presidential security team. The PHTkistes were unhappy about PARAISON’s dismissal and the promotion of CIVIL.

Once promoted, the president asked CIVIL to move closer to his residence in PELLERIN 5.  CIVIL, who lived in Leogane, west of Port-Au-Prince, dutifully relocated his residence to Thomassin 2.  CIVIL was in his home when he received the dreadful call from the president on the early morning of July 7. The call came just a few minutes before the president was cowardly executed. (Click here for CIVIL’s report on the murder of the president).

The person who coordinates the president’s security team is one of the most important personnel decisions a president can make, and every president deserves a security chief that they can trust. A person that they know without a doubt would jump in front of a bullet for them. JEAN LAGUEL CIVIL was this kind of security chief. He would have taken a bullet to save President Moise’s life. This, among other things, is the reason why President MOÏSE twice refused to accept CIVIL’s resignation. The president trusted him. The burning question is, what could JEAN LAGUEL CIVIL have done to save the president’s life when so many powerful forces wanted him dead?


At 54 years old, CIVIL stands at 6’3 inches tall and 220 pounds. He looks like a giant. His family describes him as a gentle giant, a man who loves his country and refuses to give up on Haiti even though his entire family of seven siblings, his wife, and two children left Haiti a long time ago. He believes that Haiti could turn a corner with the right kind of leadership, and for better or worse, he saw that quality of leadership in a man CIVIL came to know well and admired for his strength and tenacity – President JOVENEL MOÏSE.

CIVIL grew up in Leogane; like many young Haitians, he dreamed of a better future. He attended L’ecole National Primaire de Grecier, and Lycée Jean Jacques Dessalines in Port-Au-Prince.  In 1991 he immigrated to the United States.  In 1993, CIVIL, who lived in Miami, was recruited to attend the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy (RCMP) in Ottawa, Canada, where he received his police and military training. In 1994 he graduated with honors, and against the advice of his family, he returned to Haiti. He joined the Haitian National Police force, and within a short time, he was asked to join the presidential security team.


Over the years, CIVIL has worked for several Haitian Presidents, including BONIFACE, PREVAL and PRIVERT. His performance, according to those who have worked with him, had been exemplary. CIVIL “is a perfectionist,” says a friend who asked not to be identified. Though CIVIL has worked for several presidents, his name was barely known outside the security apparatus, “He is a consummate professional, a man who does his job and does it well and kept his political opinions to himself,” said his older brother Monal CIVIL.


CIVIL and MOISE had a daily routine that included a telephone call early in the morning followed by banter between the men. Over the four years (2017-2021), they had developed a solid and trusting relationship. On February 10, 2021, MOISE believed that some people attempted to get rid of him through a coup d’etat. He asked CIVIL to investigate the incident and report to him directly. This is the reason why when his house was invaded allegedly by Colombian mercenaries, CIVIL was the first person the president called for assistance.

According to CIVIL the call came in exactly 1:01 am. CIVIL, had been in bed since 11 pm. He had been working late coordinating a plan for a presidential visit in the north side of the country. The president, according to CIVIL was panicking. He reported that his house was under attack and shots were being fired. The president wanted to know what happened to his outer perimeter security teams. The man responsible for the security team closest to the president is DIMITRI HERARD, and the president wanted to know what happened to HERARD’s men.  CIVIL had never received such a frantic call from the president before. At first, CIVIL did not realize what was about to happen to his boss. The president reported having heard gunfire outside his door, and CIVIL knew that at least three separate security teams were guarding the president’s house. Each team was responsible for securing a particular parameter around the house.

Whoever was outside the door would have to have gone through each of those teams of at least 16 men armed to the teeth before reaching the president’s quarters. This was not an easy task unless the president’s security details at the house were part of the conspiracy to kill him. If the president’s security team has conspired to kill him, who knew about it? Did CIVIL know about the plan? Did DIMITRI HERARD know about the plan to kill the president, did he ask his men to stand down? These are some of the questions that must be answered.

Immediately upon receiving the call, CIVIL jumped into action. He first called the DIMITRI HERARD, the director of the security team closest to the president.   Mr. HERARD was at his house, apparently already aware of the situation at the president’s house. CIVIL ordered HERARD to meet him at the president’s house in PELLERIN 5 with a tactical team. The two men made their way to the president’s house. Less than half a mile from the president house CIVIL encountered a group of heavily armed Columbian men. He quickly retreated while waiting for reinforcement, apparently from DIMITRI HERARD.  When reinforcement arrived, CIVIL ordered his team to pursuit the Colombians who were later arrested. Three of the Columbians were shot dead by CIVIL’s team.

When CIVIL arrived at the house’s gate, he saw a group of men carrying the First Lady MARTINE MOISE to a car nearby. She had been shot many times but was alive. The First Lady was taken to a hospital nearby, and contrary to news reports, she was never in danger of losing her life. None of the shots she received had been life-threatening.  CIVIL quickly made his way to the interior of the house where the body of the president lay dead. One of the security personnel informed CIVIL that the men who came by told them it was a DEA operation to arrest the president and they must lay their arms down or else they could be shot. CIVIL was told that the president had been killed. So, he ordered everyone to wait outside so as not to disturb the crime scene.

Jean Laquel Civil, First Lady Martine Moise and Dimitri Herard

Shortly after that, crime scene investigators arrived. CIVIL described the place as simply horrific. There were no bullet holes at the entrance door of the president’s house suggesting that whoever shot the president was very familiar with him.  The private bedroom of the president was ransacked, so whoever killed the president was looking for something valuable. According to a statement the First Lady gave to the New York Times, she claimed to have heard the killers saying, “this is it.” Apparently, they found what they were looking for.


Nearly 45 people have been arrested or suspected of having participated in the planning of this gruesome assassination. CIVIL, who has been interviewed by the FBI and other investigators from the American embassy in Port-Au-Prince, told them everything he knew. He submitted his report and gave countless interviews to the Haitian police, but the Haitian prosecutor Richard Redford had ordered him arrested, and the Haitian police had been holding him without any formal charges or any evidence whatsoever about his participation in the murder of MOISE. The current prime minister ARIEL HENRY said during an interviewed with the New York Times that  “none of the people arrested have the resources to orchestrate this murder…”.

However, the Haitian Police Chief Leon Charles and government prosecutor BEDFORD CLAUDE  issued arrest warrants for CIVIL (who is currently in custody) and Judge WINDELLE COQ-THELOT, an illustrious female judge in Haiti’s Supreme Court. According to Haitian police officials, the basis for issuing the warrant relates to an alleged apparent conversation between CIVIL and JUDGE COQ-THÉLOT that presumably occurred last February relating to the investigation of a possible Coup D’etat against Jovenel Moïse.  The suspicion of this coup prompted President MOÏSE to push three judges including Judge COQ-THÉLOT, into retirement, a move that is categorically unconstitutional on its face. The Haitian police have done everything they could to protect those who had the most to gain from Moïse’s death while harassing people like CIVIL and Judge COQ-THÉLOT who gain nothing from MOISE’s death.


During his reign in power Moïse had made many enemies, including people like REGINALD BOULOS, DIMITRI VORBES, MICHEL MARTELLY, and other oligarchs who have the means and the resources to finance an international assassination operation. So far, none of these people have been questioned or arrested. One of the prime suspects is former prime minister CLAUDE JOSEPH who reportedly met with the alleged assassins in Miami last November, according to a Columbian Newspaper. CLAUDE JOSEPH, who was fired three days before Moïse’s assassination, should have been immediately arrested especially after he proclaimed himself president.  

The second suspect, and probably the most important is MOISE’S wife, MARTINE MOISE, whom the police have yet to question, and according to our source, MARTINE has yet to give a full statement about what occurred that early morning of July 7, 2021.  She was there and witnessed the entire event. It should be noted that while the president was savagely killed, MARTINE came out alive with a few non-life-threatening shots to the arms and legs. A few days after the assassination, the internet was buzzing with news about MARTINE’s candidacy for president of Haiti.  Early this week, MARTINE held a meeting in Miami with LAURENT LAMOTHE and several campaign advisors to discuss MARTINE’s candidacy. LAURENT LAMOTHE has announced publicly that he will not be a candidate and according to those who attended the meeting, he told MARTINE, that he will support her.

DIMITRI VORBES, a Haitian businessman and millionaire who has been milking the Haitian people out of billions of dollars through a lucrative electricity contract with the Haitian government, is enemy number one. MOISE had terminated the contract and indicted VORBES and his business SOGENER for fraud. VORBES left Haiti before he could be prosecuted. It is not clear whether VORBES has returned to Haiti, but according to our sources, VORBES is currently living in Santo Domingo and waiting for his opportunity to go back to Haiti.

DR. REGINALD BOULOS, another Haitian businessman and millionaire who has been stealing millions from the Haitian people for several decades. Mr. BOULOS has been under the gun for his unscrupulous and corrupt business practices.  Haitian prosecutors had issued an arrest warrant against BOULOS for theft and fraud. Before the warrant could be executed, BOULOS slipped out of Haiti through the Dominican Republic and eventually to Miami. In an interview to the New York Times, BOULOS claimed that MOISE being alive means more to his political career than being dead. BOULOS should have been one of the first suspects questioned. There have been rumors that the assassination operation cost more than 20 million dollars and none of the people the Haitian police have arrested could muster the kind of resources to pay for this operation.


MICHEL JOSEPH MARTELLY, became president in 2011. Shortly after that, he formed his own party, “PHTK” aka legal bandits. When his constitutional term of office expired in 2015, he looked for someone else to replace him. To many, his senior adviser and Prime Minister LAURENT LAMOTHE could have been the choice, but MARTELLY could not trust that LAURENT LAMOTHE, known as “BONARPARTE” because of his small stature (LAMOTHE is 5’1′) would have returned the favor by passing power back to MARTELLY. So, Martelly found a little-known businessman who was selling water in the northside of Haiti named JOVENEL MOISE. Martelly and his wife convinced MOISE that they could make him president. But, MOISE had a problem. At the time, his wife MARTINE and he were separated, and she was living in Canada. To make JOVENEL MOISE look good to the world, to make him look like the OBAMAS, he must have his wife by his side. MARTINE MOISE was asked to come back to Haiti and be at JOVENEL’s side if this were to work. JOVENEL MOISE was eventually elected president amid accusations of rampant election fraud. The international community moved quickly to recognize MOISE as the legitimately elected president. The deal was clear, JOVENEL MOISE would make sure that power is passed back to MARTELLY. But MOISE had other plans.

First, MOISE went after a few selected businessmen that he did not like. Second, he alienated Haiti’s longtime strategic partner Venezuela by voting with the United States to condemn President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.  As If this was not enough, he moved to issue a blanket discharge to all government officials who served in the Haitian government between 1997 and 2017. By issuing the discharge, MOISE opened the door for LAURENT LAMOTHE, and others to run for president against Martelly. LAMOTHE, had been asking JOVENEL to issue him a discharge, but JOVENEL told him to wait until the moment was right, little that JOVENEL knew that issuing this discharge could cost of his life. Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro tweeted that Moise betrayed his true friends and was killed by those who pretended to be his friends.

EMMANUEL SANON, a Haitian American from Florida is among the people arrested by Haitian police who said that SANON is the mastermind of the operation. So, far according to our sources, SANON has named all the people he had met with in the last nine months prior to MOISE’s assassination. The only person whose name that he did not mention is JEAN LAQUEL CIVIL. However, there has been rumors that CIVIL knew SANON, and that he allegedly introduced SANON to president MOISE.  There has been rumors that CIVIL lied to investigators about whether he is ever met SANON. That information has not been confirmed by neither the police nor CIVIL’s attorney, REYNOLD GEORGES.

Meanwhile, the Haitian police are doing everything to thwart the investigation by harassing those who have nothing to gain in the murder of MOISE. The questions we ask is why does the Haitian police refuse to focus the investigation on the real suspects?  Could the police itself be guilty? Could CLAUDE JOSEPH be involved in the murder of MOISE? Has the police chief LEON CHARLES and Haiti prosecutor BEDFORD CLAUDE been paid to sabotage the investigation?

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