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August 7, 2021


By: Jacqueline Desrosiers

TrueNewsBlog: A week after the assassination of her husband JOVENEL MOISE, MARTINE MOÏSE, the wife of the “martyr” has done all but declare her candidacy for President of Haiti. Early this week, she and LAURENT LAMOTHE, the former Haitian prime minister and one of the Petrocaribe gang of thieves, had a meeting in Miami to plan her campaign for President. 


But one thing remains, who killed her husband and why she refuses to give a complete statement of the events leading to her husband’s assassination early in the morning of July 7? 

MARTINE has given several interviews in the last two weeks, each more painful than the other. The palpable inconsistencies raise more questions than answers and make one wonder whether MARTINE is complicit in her husband’s assassination.

For example, MARTINE gave an interview to the New York Times where she claimed she only saw the boots of the assailants, and she overheard them talking about something they were looking for and seemingly found. She said that she closed her eyes, and one of the assailants pointed a flashlight to her face to check if she was alive.  

That story is untrue. No one should believe that Colombian mercenaries broke into the President’s house killed him while barely wounding the only witness who could identify them. Instead of killing the witness, they shine a flashlight in her eyes to see if she was dead. 

MARTINE’s statement to the New York Times is a bald-faced lie. Her second official interview was with CNN, where she stated it was about 1 am when she heard shootings. However, she does not describe where the shootings were coming from, where she was when the shootings occurred, how the people got into the house, and whether she had any conversation with any security personnel before, during, or after the shooting.  

MARTINE claims the assailants were looking for something and one of them telephoned someone to confirm that the person they were about to kill was indeed JOVENEL MOÏSE. So the questions we have for MARTINE are: Did she have a conversation with DIMITRI HERARD anytime prior to 1 am when the shooting supposedly began? When did she get shot? Was it before or after the President was killed? 

We reported in an earlier article that when JEAN LAQUEL CIVIL, the chief coordinator of the presidential security team, arrived at the house, he saw several men carrying MARTINE to a nearby car. One of them said to CIVIL, “he is dead,” referring to the President. At the time, MARTINE was conscious and had been throughout the entire time. 


Since the assassination, MARTINE has only given interviews to American media. She was the First Lady of Haiti; her husband of twenty-five years was President of Haiti. Why not give an interview to the Haitian media? Why not telling the Haitian people the truth about what happened that night?

The Haitian police have more than 44 people in custody and are searching for more, yet it remains unclear who shot the President and tortured his body. MARTINE categorically refuses to provide full details of the events leading to the killing of the President. None of the security personnel at the President’s home have been arrested or provided a briefing about what they saw that night.

Rumors surfaced that MARTINE MOÏSE had a sexual relationship with DIMITRI HERARD and the relationship led to a domestic dispute leading to the killing of the President. This theory is very plausible and explains why initially, it was reported that the Columbians were called to the house for backup after JOVENEL MOÏSE was killed, and it was the Colombians who took MARTINE to the hospital. 

Another theory that makes sense is the notion that whoever killed JOVENEL MOÏSE was someone he knew or at least was very familiar with the house. MARTINE has yet to describe how the assailants got into the house. How many of them were there, and whether she spoke to anyone prior to the incident. In the interview with CNN, she said she found it odd that not one security personnel was harmed. The answer is simple the people who came to the house that night were people that the President and MARTINE knew, so the security personnel on post allowed them in.

What happened that night at PELLERIN 5 is shrouded in mystery. According to our investigation, not one person has been able to provide full details of the night in question and where the President was, who was with him, and who came to the house that night? What time the President came home and who was with him when he came home, and whether MARTINE was with him. 

The President’s two children were in the house. Both of them are over the age of eighteen. But, they have not been interviewed by the police. And reportedly, MARTINE has told them not to speak to anyone, especially the Haitian media. MARTINE claims that she is afraid for her life and that her life is in danger. 

That statement is self-serving for two reasons. First, whoever killed JOVENEL most certainly did not want MARTINE dead because the assailants did not only kill JOVENEL; they mutilated his body and executed him. With such brutality, it makes no sense why the assailants did not put a bullet between her eyes instead of shining a flashlight on them. They could have easily killed her the same way they killed him. Second, MARTINE recovered so quickly that it makes one wonder about the seriousness of her bullets wounds. She went to Haiti for the funeral, during which she gave a speech claiming that those responsible for her husband’s killing are looking at “us.” Why not call them out? Why not say who these people are?

MARTINE kept her silence for reasons that only a suspect would. The devil is always in the details. A serious investigative interview would clearly establish what happened that night, but MARTINE is not talking. Instead, she has assembled a group of people plotting a run for President while those who supposedly killed her husband are still at large. 

The Haitian people must demand that MARTINE provides a full account of what she did on July 6 and the days leading up to the assassination: whom she spoke with, where she went, whom the President spoke to, who came to their house in the early afternoon of July 6, and the last time she allegedly talked with DIMITRI HERARD. Until that happens, Haitian voters should be very wary of a First Lady who might be complicit in her husband’s brutal assassination.


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