Donald Trump RNC Convention 2016-True News
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August 29, 2020|Daily News Update, US POLITICS

It is over folks. In 67 days, America will decide whether we move forward as a nation or continue to allow Donald Trump to divide us. The Republican convention was a stark reminder of what the next four years will be under Trump.

The apocalyptic picture painted by the Democrats is exactly what life would be like should President DONALD TRUMP win another four years. Donald Trump wants Americans to forget that 180,000 died because of his poor handling of the pandemic. He wants us to forget that thousands of small businesses closed their doors, resulting in millions of outwork Americans.

THE GOP CONVENTION celebrated the pre-virus America that TRUMP supporters long for, which had a booming economy and single-digit unemployment. His election pitch is: Pretend this calamity never happened. Transport yourself to six months ago. And, if you looked at the White House lawn Thursday night and saw the maskless masses, it’s clear that the GOP wants to pretend that this public-health nightmare is over. It isn’t. People are still dying of coronavirus, and the economy is still in shamble.


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