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September 5, 2020|Daily News Update, World News

Former British Ambassador to the U.S. Sir Kim Darroch, who resigned in 2018 because of an embarrassing leak of diplomatic cables in which he called President Trump “inept” and “dysfunctional,” told  The Times during an interview this past weekend that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “fascinated” by Donald Trump and “intrigued” by his use of language.


In the interview, Darroch detailed the events that led to his resignation and described how he had seen Trump and Johnson get on during the latter’s trips to Washington, DC.

Trump viewed Johnson as a “kindred spirit,” while Johnson was “fascinated” by Trump’s political techniques, Darroch said. 

Johnson was “intrigued by Trump’s limited vocabulary, the simplicity of the messaging, the disdain for political correctness, the sometimes incendiary imagery, and the at best intermittent relationship with facts and the truth,” Darroch said. 

Trump and Johnson have often been compared to each other, and Darroch said he saw similarities in the two leaders, using the words “charm,” “charisma,” and “stardust” to describe them. 

When asked if Johnson had modeled himself in some way after his American counterpart, Darroch said: “If you go back through the current prime minister’s history, he’s often said quite striking things. And he never apologizes. So, Boris might have done this anyway, but certainly, having watched Trump in action, he wouldn’t have been put off.”


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