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The Presidential Council issued a press release to protest and contest that Ariel Henry amended the decree and did not publish what they agreed to.

First, it’s important to understand the power dynamics. The Presidential Council, despite its name, does not hold the power to officially publish a decree. This authority lies solely with the Prime Minister. This is why removing Prime Minister Ariel Henry would have been the best course of action for the Council, as it would have placed the source of power under the control of the members of the Presidential Council.

Henry will not willingly resign and will continue to delay the installation of the presidential council. We in the diaspora are against forming and installing a Presidential Council.

We believe that Article 149 of the 1987 Constitution remains the best and cleanest option. Given the fight for power among and between the political parties, transferring power to a La Cour de Cassation judge would prevent all of these problems.

The Presidential Council has no legal basis and is more illegal than Ariel Henry. Therefore, they have no legitimacy to question the publication of a decree. Their legitimacy would be if they were to have any rest with Ariel Henry, who is still the prime minister. Should Ariel give them legitimacy? Of course not.

My advice to Ariel Henry: Transfer power to a Judge of the Cour de Cassation, remain as Prime Minister, and form a new government. The diaspora will support that on the condition that we work together to establish security in Haiti and provide humanitarian aid immediately.

Emmanuel Roy: Voice of the Diaspora


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