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By Patrick Prézeau Stephenson

MIAMI, FLORIDA – In Haiti, shadows of insecurity loom, casting a dark cloud over the aspirations of its people for stability, progress, and prosperity.   Amid widespread violence, criminal gangs reign terror, targeting communities, undermining governance, and impeding development efforts. We have previously estimated the socio-economic cost of this insecurity at $1.5 billion in 2023.

The urgent need to restore order and safeguard the nation’s future cannot be overstated. In this context, the establishment of a 10,000-strong army trained in anti-terrorist and urban guerrilla techniques emerges as a critical imperative for Haiti’s security landscape.

Reasons for a 10,000-Man Army:

1.    Addressing Security Challenges: Haiti’s security challenges are multifaceted and demand a comprehensive response. With a well-trained and equipped army of 10,000 men, the country can effectively confront internal threats posed by criminal gangs, insurgents, and other destabilizing forces. By bolstering law enforcement efforts, conducting counter-insurgency operations, and securing critical infrastructure, the army can create a safer environment conducive to socio-economic development. We have established a cost-benefit ratio of at least 1:4 over 30 years. That is, for every dollar invested in this initiative, we yield a return of four dollars. This is what we call a smart investment.

2.    Asserting National Sovereignty:

A robust military presence is essential to assert and safeguard Haiti’s sovereignty. In the absence of a capable defense force, the country remains vulnerable to foreign threats and interventions. By adopting a strong deterrent posture, a 10,000-strong army can deter foreign aggression, defend territorial integrity, and protect national interests, thus preserving Haiti’s autonomy and independence. It’s worth noting that our neighbor has a force of 56,000 men who occasionally make incursions into Haitian territory. The military arsenal of the Dominican Republic includes: • German semi-automatic G3 rifle as the army’s main weapon • American M41A1 light tanks • French AMX-13 tanks • Armored personnel carriers such as Cadillac Gage V-150 Commando armored vehicles and half-tracks • Artillery units equipped with twenty-two 105mm towed howitzers • The air force operates approximately 40 aircraft, including helicopters. The Navy maintains three ships donated by the United States, around 25 patrol boats and interceptor boats, and two helicopters.

3.    Supporting Humanitarian Efforts: Beyond its primary role in national defense, the 10,000-man army can play a central role in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations. In a country prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods, the logistical capabilities and rapid deployment of the army are indispensable for coordinating relief efforts, providing emergency aid, and saving lives in times of crisis.

4.    Promoting Regional Stability: Haiti’s security situation has significant implications for regional stability and security in the Caribbean basin. A destabilized Haiti risks spillover effects, including increased migration flows, transnational crime, and regional instability. By strengthening its defense capabilities, Haiti can contribute to peace and stability in the broader region, fostering cooperation and collaboration among neighboring states.

In conclusion, the establishment of a 10,000-man army is not just a military necessity but a strategic imperative for Haiti’s security, stability, and sovereignty. By investing in a capable defense force, Haiti can mitigate security threats, safeguard national interests, and create an environment conducive to sustainable development. In pure economic terms, it constitutes a prudent investment with a positive cost-benefit ratio of 1:4.  As Haiti charts its path to the future, the creation of a strong military institution is a cornerstone of its efforts to build a safer and more prosperous future for all its citizens.


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