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By: Emmanuel Roy

Truenewsblog –  As I have said in this video, the administration of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau engaged in political maneuvering to eliminate members of the political elites they could not control. Former Haitian Prime Ministers Jean Henry Céant and Laurent Lamothe are both victims of this political maneuvering. 

On February 21, 2023, the President of the Foundation of Human Rights Without Borders (FHRW), JUAN CARLOS MORAGA, sent his Report to the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights following an investigation in Haiti. During the investigation, FHRW interviewed several people and fully analyzed Haiti’s current political situation. As a result, the organizations concluded that CANADA’s sanctions against LAURENT LAMOTHE and JEAN HENRY CEANT are politically motivated and devoid of any evidence whatsoever. 

The Report calls the sanctions a “political vendetta” and a “gross violation” of Céant and Lamothe’s human rights. A copy of the Report was sent to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights for further action. 

The author of the Report wrote that the “unproven accusations leveled against members of Haiti’s political and economic elites, which include former prime ministers Jean-Henry Céant and Laurent Lamothe, amount to “gossip”.

In the Report, the organization argued that as Prime Ministers of Haiti, LAMOTHE and CEANT, tried to prevent criminal gangs from taking over the Country by denying them access to weapons. Yet, according to the Report, they “have been charged without any legal basis, nor are there any formal charges by any authority in Haiti or Canada, a country which, for unknown reasons, takes part in a defamation campaign” whose background is “clearly political to neutralize those who may be politically dangerous” to Canadian interest in Haiti.

Canada’s allegations against CEANT and LAMOTHE are unfounded and supported ONLY by those who have a greater interest in getting rid of political opposition in order to continue maintaining the climate of insecurity in Haiti.

Haiti’s current Prime Minister ARIEL HENRY has shown support for criminal gangs by refusing to arrest many gang leaders associated with him. Nevertheless, the Canadian government continues steadfastly to support ARIEL HENRY, while sanctioning those who opposed ARIEL HENRY who support gang violence.

The Report strongly denounced foreign interference in the internal affairs of Haiti, and underlined that the sanctions against former leaders who precisely, tackled the problem of insecurity is politically motivated. These sanctions are also totally illegal since the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has long questioned this “type of unilateral sanctions.”

“We are happy to confirm to confirm that we basically agree with the office of the High Commissioner on what is happening in Haiti; that is why we are sending you at this time the final report, submitted by those who were part of the delegation that visited this Country”, reads a letter signed by the President of Human Rights Without Borders, Juan Carlos Moraga, who personally delivered the Report to the offices of Volker Turk, in Geneva.

The Report recommends among other things that the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights published a report stating that the Human Rights of LAMOTHE and CEANT have been violated and states further that the High Commission should support compensation for damages incurred by LAMOTHE and CEANT as a result of the public sanctions. 

 “We have provided all the information we have on Haiti. We report what we saw during our visit to this Country, and we have taken note of the opinion of the most important human rights organizations in Port-Au-Prince. We discussed with all parties before approving the final text of this Report. Now, it is the High Commissioner (who is not only aware of the Haiti situation but have seen it) who must act. We are convinced that it will be so.” Says Juan Carlos Moraga.


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