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TRUENEWSBLOG – EDDY ALEXANDRE, the CEO of EMINIFX, a crypto currency platform plead Guilty to two counts of wire fraud in Federal Court in Manhattan on Friday February 10, 2023. Mr. Alexandre agreed to forfeit to the government 248 million dollars. According to people close to Eddy Alexandre, he raised closed to $300 million dollars, so there is still missing nearly fifty million dollars.

This case started May 22, 2022, when EDDY ALEXANDRE was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and charged with wire and commodities fraud. His supporters claimed that the government was after him because of his race. ALEXANDRE, plead not guilty, but as things developed, ALEXANDRE changed his plea to GUILTY. 

The interesting question is how was EDDY ALEXANDRE able to raise so much money within a short time in a community that many deem poor? The answer is “RELIGION”.

Within nine months, EDDY ALEXANDRE, the CEO of EMINIFX and several of his associates (who were not arrested) convinced 62,000 Haitian Americans including several physicians in the community to give him 250 million dollars in one of the largest PONZI SCHEMES in the Haitian Community.

The Adventist pastor used his church and his bona fide standing in the community to raise the money under false pretense.  He promised the people from his church and others that he would pay them 5% return each week on their investment and thousands of people rushed to give him their money. Some of these people mortgaged their houses and depleted their saving accounts, thinking that they would be millionaires within a few months as he promised.

EDDY ALEXANDRE barely invested any of the money. He deposited most of the money into his private bank accounts, brokerage accounts and crypto accounts in Estonia, Eastern Europe. He purchased a fleet of luxury cars and was prepared to purchase a $5 million dollars villa in Long Island, New York when the government arrested him.

The Haitian community, mostly people from his church and family members rally behind him in support claiming that he was helping them, even though EDDY ALEXANDRE could not explain where the 5% he was paying the investors came from. The Government said that EDDY ALEXANDRE was running a PONZI SCHEME, where he used later investors’ money to pay new investors.

Even after EDDY ALEXANDRE, plead guilty and agreed to return the whopping 250 million dollars he collected, they are still some people who are defending him claiming he is not guilty.  

EDDY ALEXANDRE is scheduled to be sentenced on July 12, 2023, at 4:00 pm in Federal Court in Manhattan. He is facing 30 years in prison, but it is unlikely that he will be sentenced in the double digits.   First, because he agreed to return the money that would otherwise be considered as a loss, the 248 million dollars will not be counted towards his sentencing, which greatly reduce the number of years he would otherwise be sentenced to.

As to the Haitian community, it is very clear, that this community is not at all a poor community as some people would have you believed. Any community that could raise a quarter billion dollars in a few months is not poor. 

The Author is a former Prosecutor, Blogger and Activist see more A THE PROFESSOR Eddy Alexandre to Plead Guilty of Fraud – YouTube

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