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Santo Domingo.- LUIS ABINADER became president of the Dominican Republic, thanks in part to Hypolito Mejia, bu the coalition that brought Abinader to power has long disintegrated into nothingness. 

The cost of life has increased and Dominican voters are blaming Abinader for his economic  policies that seem to favor the rich.  If you ask regular Dominicans especially those who live in Santo Domingo Este, you will only hear the same refrain “Presidente de los Rico’s”. 

As Abinader popularity plummeted, the God father of Dominican  politics is ready to capitalize in his misfortune – Leonel Fernandez who served as president of the Dominican Republic between 2004 and 2012 is more popular than ever and every one seems to believe that he will be the next president making Abinader a one term president. 

As if the new polls were not bad news enough, the cascading rebellion that broke out within the ruling party (PRM) in recent weeks splashes directly the government of President Luis Abinader and places the organization on a dangerous political precipice – towards a humiliating defeats in 2023.

The country has witnessed in disbelief the spectacle staged by PRM leaders, even in Abinader’s presence, exposing the chaos and indiscipline that prevail in the ruling party in the midst of the crisis in the country.

Such was the case of the deputy of Santo Domingo Norte, Betty Gerónimo, who was refused entry to a rally with Abinader with the Ministry of the Environment on Saturday.

The legislator publicly denounced that security guards prevented the party leadership from entering that area.

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