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Caribbean – Haiti- Crimes- Kidnapping-MAGALIE Habitant-Jovenel Moïse

March 1, 2021

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The Dominican brothers, Michael Enrique and Antonio Gerer Campusano Feliz and their Haitian interpreter Albert Augusma alias aka “Tinèg” who were kidnapped by armed gangs in Grand Ravine, Port-au-Prince were released last weekend. 

The former Director General of the SNGRS MAGALIE HABITANT (who is very close to Haitian de-facto President Jovenel Moïse was reportedly called by “concerned authority” to orchestrate the release of the Dominican Brothers. After their release, HABITANT reportedly drove the brothers who were held by the kidnappers for over a week to the Haitian Police Headquarters known by its acronym as (DCPJ)

Speaking on Magik9, a radio station in Port-au-Prince this Monday, HABITANT confirmed that she was contacted by “a concerned body” to go out and look for the victims before admitting that “the concerned body” in question was the CNDDR, a presidential commission put in place by Jovenel Moïse in charge of disarming and dismantling over a dozen criminal gangs in Haiti.

Before the Dominican Brothers were kidnapped, the former Mayor of Port-au-Prince YOURI CHEVRY was apprehended by the Dominican police, after the Haitian government issued an arrest warrant for CHEVRY.  

According  to the Dominican newspaper LISTIN DIARIO, the Haitian government  had proposed to exchange the Dominican brothers who were kidnapped by criminal gangs for the extradition of CHEVRY by Dominican Government. If this is true it raises several pertinent questions: Did the Moïse/Jouthe government orchestrated the kidnapping or two Dominican citizens? Were the kidnappers working for Jovenel Moïse? Why did the  kidnapping of the Dominican brothers coincided with the arrest of CHEVRY in the Dominican Republic? CHEVRY asked for political  asylum in the Dominican Republic because of fear of political persecution and torture. 

The Moïse / Jouthe administration has been the main instigator of gangs violence, murder  of opponents and kidnapping in Haiti. Many government officials closed to Jovenel Moïse have been cited in several kidnapping cases. Senators Garcia Delva and Ketlaire Augustin have been suspected gangs violence and kidnapping. 

Today, it is  MAGALIE HABITANT. Is she  complicit  in the kidnapping of the Dominican Brothers? 

HABITANT is not new to controversy. In 2019 she was embroiled in the controversy involving 12 American mercenaries who were arrested by members of PNH (Haiti National Police) in the vicinity of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti. These mercenaries who were carrying military grade weapons were released by the Haitian government a few days after the arrest. 

HABITANT’s involvement in the Dominican Brothers’ kidnapping lifts the veil on the suspicion that the administration of Jovenel/Joutre is indeed directly responsible for the kidnapping, and murder of opponents in Haiti.  

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