Who Is Afraid Of Kamala Harris?

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August 12, 2020|Daily News Update, US POLITICS

Who Is Afraid Of Kamala Harris?

Minutes after she was chosen as Joe Biden running mate, the internet was buzzing about her ethnicity. Some people said she is not black, others argued about whether she is black enough, though no one has disputed that she is the daughter of an Indian woman and a Jamaican man who is black. By all accounts, Sen. Kamala Harris is as black as black can be. She has always been black, lives her life as a black woman, and never shied away from her heritage.

Her nomination as the first black woman in a major party’s presidential ticket sent tremors to the White House and the Trump Campaign. The President and his team would have preferred Biden to pick just about any other vice presidential nominee except Sen. Kamala Harris.

Harris, a former prosecutor, is one candidate that many Trump campaign advisers said they did not want. They would have preferred lightning rods for controversy like Susan Rice or Rep. Karen Bass. Both women would have been easy to attack. But Harris will be thought to caricature. She is a no-nonsense politician.

While people from the Trump campaign are calling Harris “formidable,” Trump wasted no time to call her “nasty,” “most horrible,” “disrespectful, “meanest,” misogynistic attacks, and stereotypes about black women. Many others close to the campaign said, “She will inject some much-needed energy into the campaign.”

The advisers fear the attacks risk distraction from the Trump campaign’s official strategy and highlight the President’s history of racist and sexist rhetoric when he is desperately trying to win back voters turned off by those very attributes.

Others close to the President’s reelection bid, insist he is fully prepared to take on a ticket that includes Harris—even if Trump himself appeared both subdued and unprepared when responding to the pick.


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