Daily News Update, Presidential Transition


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Election officials in key states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan have long said they would need additional time to tally votes this election due to the pandemic-driven surge of mailed ballots. Exactly what is playing out now, leaving the question unanswered whether President Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden won the presidential vote.

In Pennsylvania, state and local officials have said it might take days to learn the state’s results. Philadelphia, a Democratic stronghold, reported roughly 75,000 of more than 350,000 mail ballots around 9 p.m. The counting of mail ballots is expected to continue through the night at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s chief election official, said it would likely be Wednesday before all the state’s unofficial results are reported. In Michigan, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said she expected to have a clear picture of unofficial results sometime Wednesday.

Election officials in all three of those states were limited by their states’ ballot-counting rules, which didn’t allow much or any of a head start on processing mail ballots before Election Day.

In Georgia, much of the attention is on Fulton County, the state’s most populous county. A pipe burst at a ballot-processing facility in there on Tuesday, delaying counting. No ballots or equipment were damaged, the county elections director said. Around 1 a.m. Wednesday, Richard Barron, Fulton County’s elections director, said the county would likely need most of the day Wednesday to continue counting absentee ballots.

Despite all of this, Trump told supporters at the White House early Wednesday morning that as far he is concerned he won the election. This was very irresponsible of the President. Assuming he loses the election in the next few hours , his supporters might take to the streets and engage in civil unrest with the belief that someone or a group of people stole the election from them. 


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