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 U.S.Politics – December 15, 2020


By: Nathaniel Ballantyne

Now that the electoral college has made it official, many Republicans including the majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell have congratulated Biden, but Trump refused to concede. 

Late last month Trump said he would leave the White House if the Electoral College voted for Biden, but he has since shown little interest in conceding. On Monday, he repeated a series of unsupported claims.

“Swing States that have found massive VOTER FRAUD, which is all of them, CANNOT LEGALLY CERTIFY these votes as complete & correct without committing a severely punishable crime,” he wrote on Twitter.

Trump’s sole remaining gambit is to convince Congress to reject the results in January.

Under federal law, any member of Congress may object to a particular state’s electoral count during the Jan. 6 session. Each chamber of Congress must then debate the challenge before voting by simple majority on whether to sustain it.

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives is sure to reject any such challenge, while senior Republicans in the Senate on Monday dismissed the idea of overturning the result. Those same Republicans have already accepted Biden as the winner. There is no chance that Congress will vote to disregard any state electors votes. This is the end of the road for Donald Trump who is going to need every lawyer in America to defend him.

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