Donald Trump Campaigns 2020-True News
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All polls, including Fox News Trump’s propaganda machine, suggest that Donald Trump is losing to Joe Biden by double digits. Nearly 23 million people have already voted, and Democrats have a serious advantage over Republicans. Nevertheless, Democrats can win the popular votes and still lose the election. This happened in 2016. Democrats must win the following states to win the White House: Michigan, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Trump is not taking anything for granted. He is out there telling Americans that the Democrats will destroy their lives. Whether this tactic of fear will work is another issue. 

During a campaign rally in Michigan and Wisconsin, two western states that pushed Trump over the top in 2016, the president is in back to back rallies trying to close the gap with Biden told voters that Democrats are trying to “destroy the American way of life.”

Trading in fear tactics, Trump accused the Democrats of wanting to ‘erase American history’ and ‘purge American values.’ He claimed, with no basis, that Democratic rival Joe Biden would put communities at risk.

This message of fear is a last-minute effort by Trump to close the gaps not only in national polling, which shows Biden leading but also in key battleground surveys. His comments came after his campaign, with far less cash than Biden’s, largely retreated from TV advertising in the Midwest, shifting much of its money to Sun Belt states such as Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, and Georgia, as well as Pennsylvania.

Trump is desperately trying to keep his base energize while trying to get independent voters from voting against him. Trump painted Democrats as “anti-American radicals” and ads that moderates have a “moral duty” to join him and the Republican party. “The Democrat Party you once knew doesn’t exist,” he said. 


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