President Trump Admitted to Walter Reed Hospital – We Wish Him Well

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By: Nathaniel Ballantyne

I had the coronavirus and suffered for nearly a month with body aches, headache, chest pain, loss of appetite and inability to taste smell and taste. This virus is real and nasty. I was saddened to hear that President Trump and his wife Melania are infected with the virus. This is an American moment not a partisan moment and we at the TrueNews Family (TrueNewsblog, TrueNewsReport and TrueNews Channel) wish the President well and we pray for a speedy recovery. 

Across the world people are wishing the president well, but there are those who believe that the president deserves to be infected because of his own dereliction. No matter what you believe about the president’s politics and policies, this is not the time to blame a man who like us is a human being and no one is above being infected. No matter how careful you are you can always get infected. The lesson here is simple, wear your mask and practice social distancing. 

On social media such as Facebook and Twitter some sick people are routing for the president’s demise. On MSNBC, CNN and other liberal media, television talking heads are blaming the President and talking about succession of power. On MSNBC Nancy Pelosi was asked whether the White House had contacted her about succession of power. 

It is sickened how the political partisanship has grown to such level of hatred that we lost all sense of humanity to the point of rooting for the death of an American president. It is time for us to recognize that what make us great is our ability to come together in time of great national tragedy, putting aside our differences and act like Americans. 

TrueNews wish president Trump and his wife  a speedy recovery and hope that he will be able to come back to the campaign trail soon. 

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