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By Jacqueline Desrosiers
Truenewsblog – February 7, 2022

Washington, DC – In less than forty-eight hours, Haiti may have a new leader chosen by nine delegates during the Louisiana Unity summit in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, hosted by Southern University law center and the Haitian Diaspora Political Action Committee (HDPAC).

The nine delegates from 11 different accords picked FRITZ JEAN, the former Governor of Haiti Central Bank, to lead the transition, a choice that was endorsed a week later by the Montana Accord.

While Mr. JEAN is prepared to take office to replace Haiti’s current prime minister ARIEL HENRY whose term expires February 7, 2022, no one actually expects HENRY to leave willingly unless President Joseph Biden tells him to pack up. Henry came to power after the U.S. State Department sent a tweet directing Henry to form a new government to take over from CLAUDE JOSEPH, who took power after the assassination of President JOVENEL MOÏSE.

President JOVENEL nominated Henry prior to his assassination. President Moise’s constitutional term of office ends February 7; therefore, according to many, so is HENRY’s right to govern Haiti as Prime Minister.

According to three people inside the White House who requested anonymity, General Russel L. Honore, a supporter of the Louisiana Accord, is scheduled to speak to President Biden to ask him to support a government of transition in Haiti led by FRITZ JEAN. This new transitional government will not include ARIEL HENRY, who is suspected of being involved in the gruesome assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

Gen. Honore is known for his leadership during the Katrina hurricane in New Orleans. He is well respected in Washington’s powerful circles, so much so that speaker NANCY PELOSI tapped him to be the investigator of the January 6, 2021 insurrection of the U.S. Capitol incited by then-President DONALD TRUMP.

A few weeks ago, the General spoke to ARIEL HENRY for thirty minutes. According to people who participated in the call, the General invited HENRY to negotiate a peaceful transition to power and allow a new government to prepare the country for peaceful, free, and fair elections. HENRY rejected a position telling the General that he (HENRY) is leading the transition government.

What will it take for HENRY to turn power over to FRITZ JEAN? At this point, many believe that a tweet from the White House or telephone call from BIDEN will be enough to push HENRY out. The General hopes to convince BIDEN that withdrawing his support for HENRY is politically correct and right for humanitarian and security reasons.

According to French and the Republic Dominican intelligence reports, HENRY is associated with many criminal gangs that have kidnapped, killed, and raped many people. In addition, BARBECUE, a criminal gang leader, is said to support HENRY and maybe related to him.

As people wait for February 7, the CORE GROUP consists of ambassadors from FRANCE, CANADA, and the UNITED STATES who are highly concerned about public unrest and safety. “Things could degenerate pretty quickly,” said Emmanuel Roy, the former Executive Director of HDPAC who is currently in Haiti monitoring the situation.

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