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Beside the opportunity to shake things up in Washington, DC this fall, voters in New York’s 49th senatorial district which covers parts of Herkimer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Fulton and Hamilton counties will have an opportunity to support a progressive reformer for state senate. The race between Republican incumbent James Tedisco and Democratic nominee Thearse McCalmon presents a stark contrast between an out-of-touch old school politician and a candidate who is a tireless advocate for her community, a progressive champion for working families and unafraid to challenge the old guard.

Ms. McCalmon is a community activist, an educator and historian who is been working hard to take the district from Senator Tedisco. She has been canvassing the district voter by voter to promote affordable housing, healthcare, minimum wage increase, economic development and Universal Basic Income (UBI). TrueNews had an opportunity to interview Ms. McCalmon and we at the editorial board were very impressed with her command of the issues that affect New Yorkers specifically voters in the 49th district.

She is smart, knowledgeable and articulate. She possesses the foresight and wisdom of an effective advocate. At the onset of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, she was the first activist to develop and launch a website where New Yorkers could find information and assistance. She is the kind of dedicated reformer that is so desperately needed in Albany.

Voters in the district need an energetic and intelligent senator who wants to serve everyone with equal vigor. This diverse district needs to be represented by someone with a broader vision and Ms. McCalmon is that person as proved by her campaign. Her people-centered campaign demonstrates the kind of leadership she will exhibit as senator.

In the age of mass protest against police brutality, many people have called for defunding the police. During her interview with TrueNews she explained that defunding the police does not mean abolishing the police “disaggregating the police from social issues such as mental illness would save lives and make our community safer.” Money appropriated to the police could be re-appropriated to fund community programs and provide services that promote community safety. “Someone who is mentally sick and refuses to take his medicine is not a police issue,” but “one for those trained to deal with mental illness,” she said.

TrueNews joins Andrew Yang, the Working Families Party, CapitalWomen, Eleanor’s Legacy ( and many others in endorsing Ms. McCalmon as the next state senator of the 49th Senatorial District of New York.


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