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By Nathaniel Ballantyne:

If President-elect Biden picks Symone Sanders for Press Secretary, she will be the first black woman to serve in that position. She is well qualified for the position, having served as Bernie Sanders (no relationship) press secretary during the primary campaign of 2015-2016. According to our sources, many Obama staffers are pushing Biden to appoint someone else to the position. 

Symone Sanders had been with the Biden campaign since Biden declared his candidacy in Philadelphia. The campaign deploys her to marquee shows like “Fox News Sunday” to make a case for Biden. She has been dispatched to reassure voters when Biden makes tone-deaf comments. Internally, she advises Biden on a wide range of issues, including his response when a crisis erupts in the country’s rapidly shifting racial justice landscape.

Sanders has been indispensable to the presumptive nominee. She reached out to Floyd’s lawyer to determine how Biden could best offer his condolences after his death — and sobbed as she listened in on Biden’s call to the family.

She sits on Biden’s criminal justice task force, which is developing his policies on the volatile issue. Sanders has pushed the campaign to be wary of language that frustrates black activists, for example, urging staffers to avoid the term “white working class,” according to a person familiar with the discussions.

She is a veteran of the campaign and a black woman who worked extremely hard to get Biden elected. It will be a huge disappointment if she is passed over for Press Secretary. She deserves the position because she is very qualified.

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