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By: Jacqueline Desrosiers

Washington, DC—The international community, a key player in the process, welcomes the decision of Haiti’s Presidential Council to pick Fritz BELIZAIRE as the country’s next Prime Minister. Since the resignation of Ariel HENRY, Haiti’s civil society and other stakeholders, including CARICOM, have been working to form a government of consensus. 

On April 2, 2024, the parties agreed to a consensus, forming a seven-member Presidential Council comprised of members of diverse political parties. This diverse composition ensures that all voices are heard and represented in the decision-making process. The council includes two non-voting members as observers. The Transitional Presidential Council (TPC) was to elect a president and a prime minister among itself. The group elected former Haitian Senator Edgar LEBLANC as president of the council and Fritz BELIZAIRE as Prime Minister. 

After the votes, MONTANA and LAVALAS members of the council protested and called for a revote. Since then, the parties have been negotiating, and now they have agreed in principle that BELIZAIRE, who received four (4) votes out of seven, will remain prime minister.

Retired U.S. Army General Russel L . HONORÉ, who has been working for the last three years as a spokesperson for the Haitian Diaspora, welcomes the appointment of BELIZAIRE. HONORÉ in an interview with CBS, Gen. HONORÉ said that the international community cannot move forward until a Prime Minister has been named and a cabinet is appointed. 

In a telephone interview with Fritz BELIZAIRE, he said, “Our plan for an open and accountable government will allow us to modernize how the Haitian government works to better reflect the values and expectations of Haitians. At its heart is a simple idea: open government is good government. For Haitians to trust our government, we must trust Haiti, and we will only successfully implement our agenda to the extent that we earn and keep this trust.” 

Mr. BELIZAIRE, a civil engineer with decades of experience, said he is ready to work with the Haitian Diaspora and Gen. Honoré to ensure that Haiti works for every Haitian citizen. As he put his cabinet together, below are the parties considered for several ministerial posts:

RED/ COMPROMIS HISTORIQUE: Minister of Planning and External Cooperation
PRIVATE SECTOR: Minister of Economy and Finance
PITIT DESALINE: Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development
MONTANA: Minister of Trade and Industry
21 DECEMBRE: Minister of Environment
MONTANA: Minister of Tourism
31 JANVIER: Minister of Justice and Public Security
REN/ INTERFAITH Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications
EDE: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship
PITIT DESALINE: Minister of the Interior and Territorial Communities
DIASPORA: Minister of Education and Vocational Training
CIVIL SOCIETY: Minister Haitian Abroad
21 DECEMBRE: Minister of Social Affairs and Labor
LAVALAS: Minister of Public Health and Population
SECTOR FEMME: Minister of Women’s Affairs and Women’s Rights
LAVALAS: Minister of Youth, Sports and Civic Action
MEDIA: Minister of Culture and Communication
DIASPORA: Minister of Defense

With an inclusive government, Haiti is poised to finally be ready to organize elections in the next 24 months. This promising development brings hope for a brighter future for Haiti. TrueNews will continue to keep you updated about the situation in Haiti. 


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