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January 25, 2021

By: Nathaniel Ballantyne 

(TrueNewsBlog) – Haitian jurist WENDELLE Coq-Thelot is one of the most respected jurists in Haiti. According to the constitution, she is the person in line to replace Jovenel Moise on February 7, 2021, when Jovenel Moise presidential term expires in less than two weeks. 

According to the constitution, Jovenel Moise term expires on February 7, 2021. Because Moise has failed to hold legislative elections and has been ruling by decree for a year, he is unable to hold any election because he is not credible. 

Should Moise resign, the person in line to replace him is Judge WENDELLE COQ THELOT, a Judge who is incorruptible and respected by all segments of the Haitian population including the Haitian Diaspora. 

No one is better situated to replace Jovenel Moise than a judge who understands what Haiti needs. The Haitian constitution has been a source of significant discomfort for political stability. 

The Haitian diaspora has been pushing for an opportunity to participate in the political life of the country. They have been locked out because the Haitian constitution forbids Haitian-born individuals who have established citizenship in another country to participate in the political life of Haiti. Haiti is the only country in the world that fails to realize the importance and resources that its diaspora can bring to the table. 

Dr. Bernier Lauredan, the president of Haitian Diaspora Federation, and its spokesperson Bernice Fidelia, the former minister of Haitians Living Abroad, have been working to ensure that the new constitution contains a referendum that allows for the Haitian diaspora to fully participate in the Haitian government.

Haiti will never move forward unless the Haitian Diaspora is part of the movement. Most Haitian officials understand that the Haitian diaspora is Haiti’s best hope for a better future. But will Judge WENDELLE be the person to put it all together?

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