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By Anais Gushatt

TrueNewsBlog – Jovenel Moise was marked for death the day he arrived in Ankara, Turkey, to meet with a Russian envoy, a meeting that the Russian Ambassador to Cuba arranged at the request of Laurent Lamothe, Haiti’s former Prime Minister. Shortly after Moise’s assassination on July 6, 2022, several theories quickly emerged about potential suspects.

First, it was members of the Colombian cartel because President Moise was compiling a list of drug dealers, a story that was repeated in the New York Times, the so-called “Newspaper of record.” Then, it was members of PHTK, specifically former Haitian president Michel Martelly, the Compas singer turned politician, who picked Moise to replace him. These theories were based on partial truth that, on the surface, appeared logical. But the fact is, American intelligence, namely the CIA, knows very well who killed Jovenel Moise and why. On the night of the murder Haitian President Ariel Henry was in contact with a man who plead guilty to the murder of Jovenel Moise and he has since been questioned by the FBI twice.


Months have passed, and we are nowhere near the truth about Moise’s death. But one intelligence agency, the Russian FSB, knows exactly who killed Moïse and why.

The death of Jovenel Moise threw Haiti further down the abyss. Criminal gangs promoted by the former United Nations Representative to Haiti, Helen Ruth Meagher La Lime, have taken over the country. The gangs are now so empowered that they are not simply kidnapping people off the streets. Instead, they are now going to people’s houses, seeking to kidnap them for ransom or kill them if they resist.


A few weeks ago, a group of well-armed gang members entered the house of XAVIER SEIDE in Petionville in an assassination attempt. They crashed the gate of the house and killed two of his guards and his two Rottweiler dogs. – SEIDE is a member of the Haitian army who was trained in Ecuador in urban warfare. The gang picked on the wrong person. Within less than 20 minutes, SEIDE eliminated six of the initial gang members who entered his house. Another 15 gang members were killed by backup officers from the Haitian police.

The Somalization of Haiti has been completed, and this has been made possible by prime minister ARIEL HENRY whose support and payment to criminal gangs have been well documented.

While the population is under siege, afraid to leave their houses for fear of being kidnaped or killed, the United States and Canada, the two countries who not only control Haiti but who have contributed the most to the dysfunction and corruption in Haiti, seem incapable or simply unwilling to appreciate the gravity of the people’s suffering and the need to develop the right strategy to bring security and stability to Haiti.

For the Biden administration Haiti has become an afterthought while the administration is spending billions of dollars on a war in Ukraine that they can never win.

The international community understands the various problems that Haiti faces. But instead of coming up with practical solutions designed to bring political stability and security, the CORE GROUP, the real master of Haiti, demands that the solution to the problems must be a “Haitian-led Solution,” code word for “You are in your own.” This demand is not only unreasonable but practically impossible for several reasons, some of them historical.

In Haiti, three groups compete for resources, influence, and positions. The economic class is made of about 12 families who control Haiti’s economy, the political class who work and serve the interest of the economic class, and the rest of the people who live on less than $2 a day.

Within the economic class is infighting, where one family fights another by paying gang members to kidnap or intimidate potential business rivals. Each family has taken the position that best fits their interests. For example, the Baussan family, who owns Haiti’s largest bank, is siding and supporting ARIEL HENRY and his criminal gangs—Haiti’s current prime minister who is implicated in the gruesome assassination of Jovenel Moise.

There are other families, such as the BIGIOS, and the APAIDS, who Canada has sanctioned for allegedly supporting gang violence, and these families have had to stay quiet and not say anything against ARIEL HENRY for fear of further reprisals or sanctions from the United States or simply for fear of upsetting BRIAN NICHOLS.


The division over Haiti is not only in Haiti; even the U.S. State Department is divided. The BRIAN NICHOLS crew is blindly supporting ARIEL HENRY despite HENRY being hugely unpopular, and over 90 percent of people in Haiti want him gone. Henry has been implicated in the assassination of JOVENEL MOISE.

Then there is JONATHAN POWELL’s crew. POWELL is a White House envoy to Haiti whose job has been made more complicated by BRIAN NICHOLS and his crew. There is another group inside the state department that supports an interim government, the wish of over 90 percent of the population.

Jonathan Powell

The state department is divided because of a failure of leadership and clear U.S. policy vis-a-vis Haiti. The White House must take a clear stand by indicating a clear policy in Haiti. Recently the State Department released a 10-year strategic plan to avoid conflict and foster political stability in Haiti, but the plan seems to have been written by a 10-year-old then seasoned experts on Haiti politics. It is clear that Haiti is not a priority for the Biden Administration.

The Haitian Diaspora must pressure the Biden administration to remove ARIEL HENRY and replace him with a new inclusive interim government willing to fight the gangs.

The sanctioned families oppose ARIEL HENRY, and Canada is using the sanction regime as retaliation against those who refuse to support ARIEL HENRY. And then some are sanctioned just for personal reasons.


An example of such abuse of power is the case of an attorney and former advisor to LAURENT LAMOTHE, who Canada sanctioned because his girlfriend, Delphine Gadère, who had a personal ax to grind, is now dating the Canadian ambassador SEBASTIAN CARRIERE who is using his position to help his girlfriend settled scores with her ex-boyfriend. Only in a failed state can an ambassador be allowed to act this way, and the Canadian foreign services turned a blind eye to the corruption. So while Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is talking about corruption in Haiti, his own ambassador is involved in the corruption.

The rich families are fighting among themselves; the political parties are fighting among themselves, while the Haitian Diaspora is repleted with people like Johnny Celestin who engaged in intellectual masturbation about how to solve the problems in Haiti.

Given the situation, a Haitian solution is practically impossible. The country is so dysfunctional that only a total takeover by a foreign power such as the United States can save Haiti.

The U.S. state department is also divided into three groups. There are those who support the Montana group, one of the many accords; those who support PHTK and the Clintons and finally, those who would like to see a clean break with people unassociated with either the current political or economic class. Brian Nichols, a black man in charge of the Haiti desk in the state department, seems oblivious to the problems in Haiti. Every time he travels to Haiti, he speaks to the same group of people responsible for perpetuating the problem. His support for ARIEL HENRY has been unshakable amid popular discontent and several assassination attempts because ARIEL HENRY is so unpopular in Haiti.

The U.S. has two ways of solving Haiti’s problems, and providing humanitarian parole visas is not one of them. First, remove ARIEL HENRY and replace him with a consensus interim government that the people can trust. Provide the new interim government with military assistance via the Haitian army. The army can clean out the gangs if they have the right equipment and resources. The other way is for the United States to invade and take control of Haiti for the next fifty years and turn Haiti into an American territory like Puerto Rico. One way or the other, something has to happen; otherwise, Haiti is marching rapidly toward a full-blown civil war.

Recently, a group of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group entered Haiti via Dominican Republic through the Pedernales border crossing, and no one seems to know why, but rumors are circulating in Haiti that the Wagner men are there to visit former Haitian Senator Moise Jean Charles, who have made several trips to Russia and Venezuela before being stopped by American immigration officers in Miami and interrogated for hours about his meetings with Russia and Venezuela. The geopolitical intrigue has not made Haiti better. Perhaps Haiti needs to solidify its friendship with Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and China.


Things can get complicated and deadly very fast if the Wagner group is involved in a situation that is already volatile. The Wagner group is a Russian paramilitary group with offices in some twenty countries and worked in many African countries supporting dictators for a fee. The question is, who is paying the Wagner group, and what are they doing in Haiti? Could the U.S. lose control of Haiti to Russia? In recent public demonstrations, people have waived the Russian flag and displayed a picture of Vladimir Putin, a sign that some segment of the population would like support from the Russians. Where is Lavrov when we need him?


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