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Does Haiti need a permanent U.N. mission in Haiti? Perhaps it does. If you cannot take care of your own affairs, maybe you need others to do it for you. We often get emotional about the apparent breach of Haiti’s sovereignty by the U.N. and other nations. Have we ever taken a minute to reflect on why the same thing is not happening in the Dominican Republic? Ever wondered why we could not work together to turn Haiti into a functioning country?

When will we stop blaming others for our shortcomings? When will we take responsibility for our failures? All of us are responsible, including me. We cannot keep complaining about what others failed to do for us when we are not willing to do for ourselves and for each other.

As far as I am concerned, Haiti may need a foreign caretaker government to address all of his ailments. We work better with foreigners than with each other.

Do not complain about the U.N.’s sixteen minutes that decided the fate of Haiti. The fate of Haiti is in our hands. Do as you may or wish, but do not blame the Dominican Republic, the French, or the Americans. It is our intransigence that allowed their interventions. It is our disrespect for rules and love of corruption that fuel their constant intervention.

Can we ever sit down and have a frank conversation about the future of the first independent black republic in the world? Can we put partisan politics and meager personal interests on the side for the greater good? Can we?


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