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Haiti – Constitution-U.S.-Crimes-Jovenel Moïse

March 10, 2021

TrueNewsblog- TNB

By: Staff

TRUENEWSBLOG- The Haitian government is proposing a new constitution designed to integrate members  of the Haitian diaspora, but many in the diaspora expressed concerns that Haitian-American convicts in the United States and other countries will use the new constitution advocated by President Moïse to sneak into Haitian public administration.

The Voice of the Diaspora (VOA) a Haitian-American newspaper based in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, interviewed Haitian expatriates on the condition of anonymity, who said that some Haitian expatriates who “committed crimes in their host countries”, may  take advantage of the “precariousness of the judicial system and security of the country” to commit more crimes.

The recent arrest of Haitian-American Mathieu Lissner Joseph by agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)  and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is a vivid  example of how a former convict who spent decades in prison in the United States for drug trafficking could end up in the national palace with open access to the president and his staff. Mr. Joseph who was transferred to the United States and currently awaiting a hearing for probation violation was a “supplier “ of goods to the National Palace.

The proposed constitution is of great importance to the  PHTK regime and members of the Haitian Diaspora. But many uncertainties hang over this effort.  How to allow members of the Haitian diaspora to participate in the political

life of the country while preventing people  like Mr. Joseph who was under the supervision of the United States probation office from taking advantage of the system is unclear.

Considering the dubious relationship that members of the current  government maintain with certain criminal element people, Haitian nationals who participated in the drafting of the new constitution alerted  the Haitian government particularly the Independent Consultative Committee (ICC) in charge of the development of the new Haitian constitution, on the need to take into account their concerns  that ill-intentioned people are not allowed  to take advantage of the opportunity to run for elective office with the aim of protecting or shielding themselves against legal action for past and present  crimes.

In addition, these patriots requested that the ICC considered rules and procedures that would forbid Haitian nationals from running for office or serving on any position of trust in the government if they have been convicted of a crime in another country for which there is an equivalent law in Haiti preventing such crimes.  

Such a rule could set a time limit between the conviction and the time of service. Anyone who want to run for office or serve in the government must prove that they are of good moral character. That will prevent the country from falling further into the specter of armed gags and chronic insecurity. 

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