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By: The Professor

New York, New York – Who said the Haitian community is poor? According to attorney David Castleman 62,000 Haitian Americans invested up to 250 million dollars with Eddy ALEXANDRE, the CEO of Eminifx.

Eddy Alexandre was arrested on May 12, 2022, and charged with commodities and wire fraud. The Federal trade commission, which filed a civil lawsuit against Eddy Alexandre and Eminifx, convinced Judge CIPRONI to appoint a receiver to represent the investors. The Receiver’s job is to investigate the location of Eminifx and Eddy Alexandre’s assets and return them to the investors.

On July 12, 2022, the Receiver filed an initial report explaining where the assets of Eminifx and Eddy Alexandre are located. To see a copy of the report, please click here: https://truenewsblog.com/receivers-report/

According to the report, 62,000 people invested nearly 250 million dollars with Eddy Alexandre, and most of the money is held under Eddy Alexandre’s name. In addition, Mr. Alexandre has assets totaling 9 million dollars that the Receiver seized, including a $500,000 deposit on a mansion on Long Island, New York.

The report also mentioned a crypto account in Estonia in Europe under Eddy Alexandre’s name. The 3,600 crypto coin is worth about 85 million dollars. The Receiver froze the account and will eventually liquidate the account and return the money to the investors.

The report has precise details about the number of bank accounts and the amount of money in each account. What raised eyebrows is that the Receiver has already spent 250 thousand dollars of the investor’s money to pay for the cost of investigating the case and locating the assets.

The court has approved the expenditure, and we expect that the cost of litigating this civil case could cost investors millions. However, the case is nowhere near complete, and a review of the court file indicates there is much work to be done.

An interesting part of the report is the number of people who made cash deposits to Eddy Alexandre’s account. According to the report, in just one day, dozens of investors made cash deposits to bank accounts at Bank of America in the amount of $5,000 each.

Many investors may have a problem collecting their money because no names are associated with the cash deposits, and the Receiver will have difficulty locating these people. 

Suppose you are one of the investors who made a cash deposit to either an account belonging to Eddy Alexandre or Eminifx. In that case, you may want to reach out to the Receiver, and hopefully, you have kept a cash deposit receipt.

For more information about the Receiver’s report please clink the link here: https://truenewsblog.com/receivers-report/

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