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Presidential Election – December 14, 2020


By: Nathaniel Ballantyne

(TrueNewsBlog) – On Monday December 14, the Electoral college delegations meet separately in their respective states and the District of Columbia at places designated by their state legislature. The electors vote by paper ballot, casting one ballot for president and one for vice president. 

The electors count the results and then sign six certificates, each of which contains two lists, one of which includes the electoral votes for the President, the other, electoral votes for the vice president, each of which includes the names of persons receiving votes and the number of votes cast for them.

“These are known as Certificates of the Vote, which the electors are required to sign. They then pair the six Certificates of Ascertainment provided by the state governors with the Certificates of the Vote, and sign, seal, and certify them. … The six certificates are then distributed by registered mail as follows: (1) one certificate to the president of the U.S. Senate (the Vice President); (2) two certificates to the secretary of state (or equivalent officer) of the state in which the electors met; (3) two certificates to the Archivist; and (4) one certificate to the judge of the U.S. district court of the district in which the electors met.” 

In another note, today the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal writes: “Trump’s Challenge Is Over”: “The Electoral College meets Monday to cast its votes for President, officially marking Joe Biden as the election winner. President Trump’s legal challenges have run their course, and he and the rest of the Republican Party can help the country and themselves by acknowledging the result and moving on.”

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