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By: Nathaniel Ballantyne

Truenewsblog – Eddy Alexandre, is the Haitian Bernie Maddoff. ALEXANDRE raised 250 million dollars from the 62,000 people in the Haitian Diaspora telling investors that their money would be invested in Cryptocurrency. 

On May 2022, The FBI arrested Mr. Alexandre and charged him with one count of wire fraud and one count of Commodities Fraud.  Mr. Alexandre entered a plea of not guilty and many of his investors quickly rallied behind him, claiming that the government targeted Mr. Alexandre because he is black.

Nine (9) months later, as the case developed and the government’s iron clad case was ready to go to trial, Mr. Alexandre folded and agreed to plead guilty to the indictment.

Many of his investors now begin to see the light. They now realized that the CEO of EminiFX was indeed a fraudster who took their money and used it for his own personal needs, buying a fleet expensive car, and was prepared to buy a mansion for Five (5) million dollars in Long Island, New York until the government put a stop to it.

Court records show that Eddy Alexandre, 51, of Valley Stream, N.Y., will change his plea in a new hearing set for Friday February 10, 2023.

According to prosecutors, Alexandre – who, before starting EminiFX, was a long-time cybersecurity engineer – lured investors into his scheme by promising to double their money within five months, promising 5% weekly returns he allegedly generated through a secretive robo-advising technology.

However, Alexandre allegedly invested only a small portion of user funds and spent the rest on either himself – putting millions of dollars in his personal bank account and splashing out on a new BMW – or on business-related expenses, including renting an office in the heart of Manhattan for tens of thousands of dollars a month and hiring lawyers, prosecutors said.

Authorities say he kept the charade going by providing investors with fake account statements showing their investments were growing between 5% and 10% each week.

Despite Alexandre’s alleged fraud, however, many of his customers have continued to support him. At Alexandre’s plea hearing last year, supporters from around the world traveled to cheer him on, telling Bloomberg that EminiFX was legitimate, Alexandre was helping them and the case against Alexandre, who is Black, was racist.

Without a plea deal, Alexandre faces up to 30 years in prison. With this plea deal and Alexandre taking responsibility for his criminal actions, the court will be less likely to sentence him to double digit years in prison.

According to Emmanuel Roy, a former Brooklyn prosecutor and a blogger, “it is more likely that the judge will sentence him to between 5-10 years”, he continued “this is a serious case, it is a lot of money and involved many victims, and this judge is not known for compassion, so I expect that Eddy will be sentenced to many years in prison in order to discourage others from engaging in similar criminal behavior. And the fact that some of his investors continued to support him is clear indication that they have been brainwashed by Eddy Alexandre who is an Adventist pastor, and the court may take that into account when pronouncing its sentence.”

Watch this Video: The Professor: Truth Be Told! Eddy Alexandre to Plead Guilty of Fraud – YouTube


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