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May 22, 2021



TRUENEWSBLOG – I had been wearing glasses since 1996. I began wearing them after my first year of law school. Over the years I must have changed prescriptions at least five times, each time needing stronger glasses. When I was 42 I thought about eye correction surgery and that was twelve years ago. But I heard some really bad results about people going blind or having to do the surgery over because of mistakes, I decided to wait. 

At the age of 54, I decided it was time to reconsider eye surgery. I had not been paying attention to the latest technology when it comes to eye care so I began to do research before deciding whether I wanted to do Lasik surgery. A friend of mine referred me to DR. STANLEY L. CREWS in VANCOUVER, Washington.

At first I was apprehensive but when I got to his office, I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of his staff and the fact that the office did not have the feel of a factory. The initial visit was very instructive and detailed. They spent over an hour checking my eyes and finally the doctor spoke to me about my choices, the pros and cons and my expectations. This visit cost me nothing.

I decided to have the surgery after evaluating all the information provided but the doctor’s knowledge and the professionalism of the staff played a big part on my decision to go with him. The day of the procedure, the doctor redid the same initial tests prior to conducting the procedure. Throughout it all, the doctor and his staff made me feel like I  was the only patient in the clinic. Their attention to detail, their willingness to answer questions and explain everything made me feel extremely comfortable.

In my book, Dr. CREWS is America’s best eye doctor.  He has been performing eye procedures for over thirty five years. He is board certified and people from all over the United States fly to Vancouver to see him. In addition to his qualifications and bedside manner, he enjoys taking care of his patients. As he said to me, “I love to take care of my patients.” A few hours after my surgery, he called to make sure I was doing well because of the complication, this was unexpected and added to my overall satisfaction.

When it comes to your health and body, experience counts. During my surgery there was a bit of a complication. Dr. CREWS was able to do the Lasik on my left eye but for whatever reasons the Lasik machine would not properly fit on my right eye, so he had to do it manually and or mechanically using an alternate system. 

The day after my surgery I came back to find out that my vision is now 20/15. This was a lot more than I expected considering I was nearsighted and I simply wanted to see far. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. CREWS work and I recommend him without reservation. Before you have Lasik surgery make sure you talk to Dr. CREWS, you will not regret it. His office is in Vancouver, Washington and you can call his office at: 800-757-3525.

When you go see Dr. CREWS, make sure to tell him Manny sent you. I am happy with my new eyes and looking forward to summer activities like playing basketball with my son and jumping rope with my daughter and of course swimming. —


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