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Daily News Update, Presidential Transition



Democrats only need to win FOUR seats to flip the Senate on Tuesday and NEW polling released shows Democratic candidates are winning in enough races to make history. Five African Americans are running for the Senate in the South. Jaime Harrison is ahead of Lindsey Graham 47-45% in South Carolina.  Theresa Greenfield is winning in Iowa 51-44%. Jon Ossoff of Georgia is trouncing his Republican opponent 47-44%. Mark Kelly is ahead by five points, 48-43% in Arizona. Gary Peters is leading his opponent 46-42% in Michigan, and Cal Cunningham is ahead by three points in North Carolina 47-44%.

In addition to these five races, new polls show Democrats within low single digits of winning Senate seats in Texas, Alaska, and Kansas. Republicans may be out of power in DC for a very long time to come, and if that happens, they will have Donald Trump to thank. 

Sen. Mitch McConnell (Rep. Kentucky), the majority leader of the Senate and is panicking about losing control of the Senate, and the Republican Senatorial Committee are unloading tens of millions of dollars in negative TV ads against Democratic candidates. It may be too little too late for Republicans to avoid a shellacking.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, Republican from Kentucky, and Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee and Republican from South Carolina, may lose their senate seats in about seventy-two hours. After confirmation of 

Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court donations to Democratic candidates pouring in helping Democrats in Kentucky and South Carolina to be more competitive. For the first time, the South may elect two United States black Senators – Jaime Harrison of South Carolina and Mike Espy of Mississippi.

What should we expect if Biden wins? 

For the first 100 days of the Biden presidency, both moderates and progressives would push Biden to pack the Supreme Court. Democrats will seek to add four more justices to the court, making it 13 justices, seven liberal justices, and six conservatives. The right will practically declare war on the Biden administration with Trump supporters refusing to admit defeat even though Biden won the electoral College by a decisive margin. White supremacists will claim that the Dems stole the election. People like Candace Owen and Ice Cube will quietly fade away.

Biden will have a delicate game to play, trying to bring the country together while keeping progressive from high-jacking his administration.

Progressive like AOC and newly elected Progressive Congressmen and women will seek to hold a Biden administration hostage by forming their own crew to make demands on Pelosi in exchange for votes. The Green new deal will be front and center. AOC will challenge Charles Schumer, and a new progressive movement fuels by Gen Z with money to match will scare the living shit out of moderate Democrats. The country will be more divided as the Tea-Party makes a comeback. 

The Republican Party will be practically dead and in need of some serious soul searching. Biden will be diagnosed with dementia and will not resign as the administration try to keep this under wrap. Vice President Kamala Harris will be the first female president of the United States with Pete Buttigieg as her running mate. The next ten years will be interesting, indeed, with more taxes, more regulations, and more millionaires and billionaires exiting the US to more tax-friendly places.


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