Corona Virus-True News
Daily News Update, Presidential Transition


A day after the second and last presidential debate, both candidates are working very hard to define the final stretch of the campaign focusing on the last few remaining undecided voters. With over 40 million people who have already cast their ballots, the fate of the loser may have already been decided. As Trump and Biden campaign in different parts of the country, Americans are bracing for what could be a deadly winter. On Friday, the COVID tracking project data shows the largest single-day infection rate of 83,010 new coronavirus cases.

The latest surge comes ahead of what’s expected to be an especially dangerous winter for the virus. More than 41,000 people have been hospitalized with the virus, up nearly 20 percent in the past two weeks, while deaths are also beginning to rise again to a seven-day average of nearly 800 per day. As the coronavirus pandemic creeps toward its eighth month in the US, millions of Americans are forced to cope with an economic catastrophe that they couldn’t have planned for.

Meanwhile, Congress and the White House have been playing the blame game where each party is blaming the other for their failure to reach an agreement on a second economic relief package that would have helped Americans make ends meet. With the presidential election less than eleven days away, neither Congress nor a lame-duck administration would be eager to approve a deal.

Americans must face the unsettling reality that they are on their own with no assistance from the government. Regardless of who wins the next election, more people will die from the pandemic.


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