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June 4, 2021


By: Steve Johnson

TRUENEWSBLOG- China’s communist regime would rather we talk about anything else today — the 32nd anniversary of pro-democracy protests that were lethally repressed and later erased from official Chinese memory. 

Hundreds were likely killed, though the death toll remains unknown. “We honor the sacrifices of those killed 32 years ago, and the brave activists who carry on their efforts today,” said Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a written statement.

Those activists are centered in Hong Kong — where democracy has been strangled in recent years, and where further arrests were made at Tiananmen anniversary vigils todayDaniel di Martino, a Venezeulan democracy activist, argues the U.S. should join Britain in welcoming Hong Kongers who need to flee. 

After several years of unfiltered slap-downs against foreign critics, President Xi Jinping says he is calling off the wolf warriors in his diplomatic corps, universities and state media. 

Xi now wants a “trustworthy, lovable and respectable” image for China. State media outlet Xinhua recommends a “humble” approach echoing China’s previous policy of “peaceful rise.” None of this matches the regime’s approach to Tiananmen Square.

Biden adds 11 Chinese companies to restriction list: The move broadens a Trump policy restricting investment in Chinese firms linked to the country’s military to include those providing surveillance technology.–

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