Daily News Update, US POLITICS


August 4, 2020|Daily News Update, US POLITICS


Black women have been by and large the most loyal, dynamic, and enthusiastic supporters of the Democrat party. But one would know that by looking at how the party treats its most reliable supporters. 

A handful of black women are in the United States Congress; there is no black women Governor and only two US Senator. Stacy Abrams was the lone black woman who came close to winning the governorship in Georgia. The party refuses to groom black women politicians for higher office. This time, it is entirely possible that a black woman may end up being the running mate of an older white guy running for president. 

Joe Biden has just extended his vice-presidential search by another two weeks, creating a political mess that pits one black woman against one another. Among the finalists are three black women: Sen. Kamala Harris of California, Rep. Karen Bass of California, and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice. Either one of these three black women would make history not only as the first woman Vice President but the first black woman Vice President. Black women have long been the heart of the Democratic Party. They are among the party’s most reliable and loyal voters, but for decades that allegiance didn’t translate to their own political rise. Perhaps now, a black woman may finally rise to a powerful position that has been long deserved. Better late than never.


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