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By: Steve Johnson

A week after the notorious RBG, a bastion of women’s rights, died, President Trump is poised to nominate a woman to replace her who stood for everything that Judge GINSBURG loathed. 

Later today, President DONALD TRUMP will introduce AMY CONEY BARRETT as his nominee for the Supreme Court in the Rose Garden. If confirmed, Republicans would have succeeded in a massive overhaul of the federal judiciary with six judges appointed by Republican presidents. 

Judge BARRETT will firmly shift the nation’s court to the right on divisive issues like access to abortion for decades to come. Legal experts note the Supreme Court could rule on cases in its upcoming term that could upend existing law on everything from First Amendment rights to administrative authority.

Barrett is a devout Catholic whose connection to the Charismatic Catholic Group People of Praise has drawn scrutiny and raised questions from some liberals about the role religion plays in her jurisprudence. 

Judge Barrett is a life-long member of the People of Praise, a charismatic Christian group with a highly authoritarian internal structure. In the course of becoming a member of the People of Praise, a Charismatic group, she signed a solemn contract binding before God. Though the Constitution says that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust” the Senate Judiciary Committee must be prepared to examine her covenant with the People Of Praise and how much of her jurisprudence is influenced by religion. 

Supporters of Judge BARRETT have argued that questions about her religious faith should off-limits. It would be anti-catholic for Democrats to question her about her faith and how her religious belief influences her judicial decision. It is not “anti-catholic bias” to question a Supreme Court judge about her religious belief and whether her belief influences her decision, especially when that judge has a signed binding covenant before God with a charismatic religious group known for their religious zealotry. 

Judge BARRETT could be a religious zealot whose decisions in the high court may be ordained by God. 


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