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By: Manny EJR

As I sit in a bar in Florida watching Joe Biden speech and the fireworks I was moved to tears in the realization that in human history there has never been a country like the United States. We are not perfect, we make mistakes but deep down inside, America always strives to live up to its promises despite our checkered past. The election of Joe Biden is a testament to what America is all about. The collective conscience displayed so convincingly confirmed that America is indeed a place of renewal.

The election of Donald Trump was one of our regrettable mistakes,  but like a child we learned from it and we move forward  as we strive to do better. When you know better you do better. We rejected fears, racism, xenophobia, hate and division over hope, unity, love and equal justice. 
America is not perfect but Donald Trump has left us worst than we were in 2016. Under the tutelage of a hate monger, we became more divided and hateful towards each other. The world has wondered what has happened to America – the shinning city on the hills, the beacon of freedom, the country every other country wants to emulate and the place where every human dreams to be part of.

Trump’s election In 2016 was an expression of our worst instinct. We realized rather quickly that as a nation we want our president to represent the best of us not the worst. So,  on November 3, 2020, we corrected our mistake and promised ourselves to never ever make this mistake again.  
As Biden begins to start the process of healing the wounds of division and brings us together as a nation, the work will be difficult but the results will once again reaffirm that our destiny is written with unity, love and to continue to be our brother’s keeper.   Indeed, hope prevails over fear and the quest for a perfect union continues unabated with the new Biden Harris ticket.  Tonight we are all Americans, the world is American! 

May God Bless America!!


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