2022 Annual Status Report of Receiver David A. Castleman-EminiFx

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David A. Castleman (the “Receiver”), as Receiver pursuant to the Consent Preliminary
Injunction (the “Consent Order”) entered by this Court in this action (the “Civil Action”) on June
15, 2022 [Dkt. 56], files this 2022 Annual Status Report (the “Report”) to summarize for the Court
the activities of the receivership (the “Receivership”) for the year 2022, as well as to provide
updates since the Second Status Report filed on October 12, 2022 [Dkt. 163] (the “October 2022
Status Report”). While this Report will serve as the 2022 annual report for the entire receivership,
it focuses specifically on developments since the October 2022 Status Report. To the extent that
events since January 1, 2023 are relevant for context, the Report will generally so note. Going
forward, the Receiver expects to file status reports for each calendar Quarter within 30 days after
the end of such calendar Quarter.1


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